Welcome to the Bergteken site

It all started years and years ago when I got spellbound, or “bergteken” as we say it in Norway, and settled here in Hjørundfjorden with my little family.

A powerful impression for a girl staying here right under mountains like Slogen and Smørskredtind. Now I know why people flock here for so struggle their way up the mountains just to stand on the top by the cairn cheering!
Here are many secret and many stories and legends in every little village.

I will tell you my way, in music and images. I want to show you something new. I want to take you on a visual journey through the beautiful countryside. Up in the clouds, from peak to peak.
Down to the fjord and verdant valleys. You can soar high above the glacier and snow-capped mountains, or perhaps you will wander up from Norangsfjorden to the top of Slogen a nice summer day.

You should just enjoy, feel, see and hear, do not think …

To you from me.